Who is the CCePay Reseller Program for? The Reseller Program is designed for web hosting providers, site developers, ISVs, technical consultants - anyone in the business of providing e-commerce Web solutions.

What is my role as a CCePay Reseller? As a reseller, you are responsible for marketing and selling CcEpay products in your region. CcEpay will provide you with every reseller a reseller center from where they can assign and track client accounts. It is the reseller's responsibility to convert each sign up into a live CcEpay account. You must follow up with your customer and request them to send in the agreement and other documentation required as soon as possible to complete the sign-up process.

What will I Gain in my role as a CCePay Reseller? CcEpay Reseller Program offers a discount on CcEpay Accounts to its resellers. As an Avenues Reseller Program member, you can purchase credits which may be applied to CcEpay Accounts at a discount to resell at face value or pass the savings on to your customers.