Step1. Fill The reseller Enquiry form.
Once Online Registration is Completed, you will receive registration Form via email.
Contact us at our Helpdesk # +91.80 90 60 60 90 Email:
We will Activate your Merchant A/c.within 48hrs. after primilary Verification done by our Verification Team.

Step2. Our Relationship Manager will intimate you of the set of documents to be submitted to become an Authorized Reseller for CCePay. These are mainly address & communication proof adhering to RBI's KYC norms, varying as per business entity. Please arrange for the entire set of documents and send them at the earliest.
Step3. Internal procedures of compliance and legal verification will be conducted You will then be notified of successful registration as an authorized CCePay Reseller

You can contact our technical team at 80 90 60 60 90 or for any technical queries related to integration