What is a Payment Gateway?
Payment Gateway is a service that allows merchant to accept secure credit card transactions online.

What are the different payment options available with Us?
We processes the following payment options:
Credit Cards - Master Card, Visa [National / International]
Debit Card - Master Card, Visa [National / International]

What is the procedure once I Join You?
Once the application / signup along with the payment is received, our approval team will get back to you with the approval status. On receipt of approval, you will receive list of documents to be filled and sent to activate your account. Incase your account is a rejected you would be getting a refund in 7 working days from receipt of rejection.

Why do I need Payment Gateway Services?
The internet has enabled the world to become your marketplace. To take advantage of this larger marketplace, you need to enable customers to see and buy your products or services using the Internet. This warrants the requirement of providing a facility to customers to pay online and close the sale immediately !!. The transaction is completed in less than 30 seconds adding a positive impulse-buying shopping experience for your customer, resulting in increased business and more satisfied customers.

What company name will appear on my customers' billing statement?
Your companys business name can appear on your customer's billing statement, that would add value to your brand & avoid possibilities of chargeback.

Do we need to have SSL on our CCePay end?
No, you don't require SSL certificate on your Website as we are using Equifax SSL certification. However it’s entirely your decision to have it at your site.

Can I sell any product/service online ?
Yes!! All products permitted by the Indian Government and Banking regulations can be sold using this payment gateway. Banned items or pornography related products/services amongst others are not permitted.

Can I cancel orders already placed ?
YES!! We provide you a generous 6 day period in which you can either settle the transaction or cancel the transaction. This period allows you to fulfill your order as well as confirm with the customer on the order. We provide a comprehensive merchant console online for tracking transactions, settling or canceling transactions as well as a host of other features.

What does CCePay do?
CCePay provides complete, simple and secure online payment gateway services and e-business solutions to Indian merchants, with real time Credit Card, Debit Card transaction validation. This enables the CCePay's customers to transact and accept payments in real time.

Why Should I Choose CCePay?
Whatever the size of your e-business, We Have a solution for you. The CCePay system is flexible enough to suit your requirements. To provide you and your customers a secure shopping environment, we offers the highest level of SSL encryption, Equifax security certification, daily Hacker Safe audits .

What are the advantages for a Sub Merchant in CCePay?
CCePay offers you the following benefits regardless of the size of your e-business: Secure links between your Customer, your site, CCePay Payment Gateway secure links between your customer. Fast and efficient Credit Card processing (entire process takes less than 20 seconds) Powerful and informative range of real-time reports Weekly settlement of your payments, accompanied by a host of value added features (link) Integrates with any kind of shopping cart. As a sub-merchant on CCePay, you can now accept these Credit Cards along with the globally valid cards of your international customers. Up-to-date technology: CCePay services are constantly upgraded and updated with cutting edge technology and hence there is no need for you to upgrade any of your hardware or software. Just by being a CCePay merchant, you automatically benefit from these advancements.

Can I levy this service tax on to my customer?
The applicability of this particular tax relates to the transaction between card processing companies and merchants like you. Please consult your tax advisors to know how the law will impact your pricing to the customer.

Which Credit Cards does CCePay accept?
CCePay can handle customer purchases made through MasterCard, Visa credit / Debit cards.

If I suspect the transaction to be fraudulent ?
CCePay believes in providing the ultimate features to its merchants to facilitate such scenarios. As soon as you suspect a transaction, you inform us and we work with the bank to ascertain the genuiness of the transaction ensuring that business is not lost and no charges are levied. CCePay has also built measures in the payment gateway which can automatically prompt us in advance of a transaction fraud. We provide you the facility of reviewing transactions before settling them.

What technologies do you support on the payment gateway ?
We use the technologies on your web servers (Windows, Linux, Unix, Java, ASP, PHP etc) and ensure that you do not need to make any technology investments.

Is your Gateway Secure ?
CCePay service is using the highest level of security on the internet - 128-bit SSL 3.0 encryption from Verisign (The most trusted security enablers on the internet). This ensures that any information traveling from your customers PC to the "CCePay.com" servers occurs in a very secure manner, which no one can see, hack or steal.