Step1. Free Signup for Merchant A/c. Online
Once Online Registration is Completed, you will receive registration Form via email.
Contact us at our Helpdesk # +91.80 90 60 60 90 Email:
We will Activate your Merchant A/c.within 48hrs. after primilary Verification done by our Verification Team.

Step2. Once your A/c. gets Activated with test Merchant ID, Login and Complete your Firm/Company Registration Details and upload all Relevant Documents.
Now you can start Integration via API set and if you need help call our Helpdesk No. or email with issue you are facing in integration and one of our Support Team Member will Guide / help you in integration.
Once Integration is Completed you will again send us an email confirmation that you have Successfully integrated the Payment Gateway Link and send us the Website Link where you have integrated this link for Audit Team for Verification.

Step3. Once you receive confirmation from our Audit Team, now is the time to make payments and get your Merchant A/c. in LIVE mode for Live Transactions.

Step4. Use the integration document to integrate on testing environment first, and on successful completion, integrate on Live environment using appropriate links

You can contact our technical team at 80 90 60 60 90 or for any technical queries related to integration